Internet Marketing

A new world and new tools are available to businesses!

The rapid growth of the internet has radically transformed the nature of business activity. The presence of each business on the internet is now a necessity and determines the success of the business within a competitive environment that changes daily at breakneck pace.

It was to be expected that along with the ever-expanding spread of the Internet, the marketing of businesses, services and products would also change. While business objectives remain the same, -that is to create value for customers and develop strong links with them, so that it can receive value in return ​​from its customers- however, the media, methods and messages have changed radically.

For OMNIMEDIA, the core of a web strategy should be the corporate website and around it to develop a range of activities using the appropriate tools offered by the internet. Thus, having the customer at the heart of all internet marketing activities and developing the central point which existing and prospective customers will be visiting to get information about the products and services provided by the company, it achieves its goals: to create, maintain and satisfy its customers, increase its profitability and expand its business.

Main Internet Marketing Services offered by OMNIMEDIA

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is now a habit that when we search for products, services or anything else to turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and insert the keywords associated with what we look for and then choose from the results the search engine returns.

This is also the way prospective customers arrive at the corporate site. That's why it's important for the corporate website to appear as high as possible in search engine results (on the first page or as close as possible to it), so that the possibilities for the prospective customer to visit the website are increased.

To achieve this, a number of actions, techniques, time, and special software are required in order to implement what is called Search Engine Optimization.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is targeted advertising and paid ads on specific search engine results to increase visits to the site. All search engines have developed similar advertising models but the most well-known and more effective are those offered by Google.

Google has developed and offers an advertising model in which everyone wins. The advertised business pays Google only when someone clicks on its ad. Therefore, Google has to ensure that an ad is displayed as well as it should.

The most popular advertising campaigns are: Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPM) using Google AdWords (text / image / video Google Ads)

It is also effective to place banner ads on websites and portals with related products and services we want to advertise.

3. Social Media

Social Media have fundamentally influenced the way businesses operate and are undoubtedly one of the most powerful channels to reach customers today. They have enabled the business to interact with existing and prospective customers and the opportunity to establish relationships with each other. Marketing professionals have a new world in front of them and new tools at their disposal to communicate with customers and develop strong relationships with them.

The development of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and other social networks has changed the Internet Marketing approach, creating a completely new interactive and effective communication channel between customers and businesses worldwide.

Social Media marketing is about how we approach our audience. Customers now expect a two-way communication, interesting content and ongoing interaction to keep their interest active.

Therefore, it is necessary for companies to be present on the Social Media platforms, as it seems that there is an expectation from the users themselves about it. However, this presence requires highly thoughtful actions, continuous and intensive engagement and monitoring to avoid negative and adverse results.

Developing a well-designed social media plan to crystallize the various marketing tactics and company strategy in social media is needed to fully exploit the infinite possibilities and prospects offered by all these instruments.

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